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CRE Tax Appeal, a commercial real estate tax appeal firm, serves you as your advocate in the property tax appeal process. We take care of our clients by reviewing each of their properties annually to identify every opportunity to save tax money. Our commitment to creating results for our clients and communicating with them throughout the tax appeal process is what makes us unique.

Property tax appeal allows property owners to challenge the taxable value that the assessor has established by presenting evidence and testimony as to why the value should be lowered. CRE Tax Appeal provides you with the assurance that your property assessments will be fair; all overpaid property taxes will be refunded directly to you. It takes a knowledgeable and experienced property tax consultant with local market expertise and proven strategies to achieve the largest property tax reduction possible.

Why appeal your property taxes with CRE Tax Appeal?

  • Results: CRE Tax Appeal is successful at winning tax appeals: 95% winning percentage with an average reduction of 25%.
  • Communication: quick response time, real people when you call: We understand that you are busy and expect your tax advocate to respond quickly to your questions. Your questions can typically be answered over the phone; if we need to speak to someone else to get you an answer, we will respond within two business days.
  • No-risk: CRE Tax Appeal is your partner and advocate; no fee unless we save you money!
  • Fast: in some counties our clients had their appeals filed on the first day of the filing period. Due to this proactive strategy, their appeals were scheduled quickly and our clients are receiving refund checks while their neighbors are still waiting for a hearing date.
  • Market leader: CRE Tax Appeal markets our services to auto dealership, office, and industrial property owners. Due to our expertise within and focus on this market, we represent more than 15% of all auto dealerships in Southern California.
  • Free property review: CRE Tax Appeal provides you a report that advises you on the profitability of filing a tax appeal.
  • Peace of mind: With our Free Property Review, you will know within two business days if you are paying more than your fair share in property taxes. CRE Tax Appeal provides you with a brief consultation after sending you the report.
  • Experienced valuation staff taught by a MAI appraiser; have the knowledge and expertise to effectively appeal all types of property, from rural land to institutional buildings.
  • Trusted advisor: CRE Tax Appeal declines appeals from property owners whose property is fairly taxed. The principals of CRE Tax Appeal are your sole point-of-contact to ensure excellent customer service. You call, Brett or Joseph answers.
  • Be a savvy property owner by decreasing your property tax liability. You use an accountant to minimize your income taxes; use a property tax consultant to minimize your property taxes.
  • Save time and hassle: appealing your property taxes on your own entails obtaining credible information to support your valuation, developing an opinion of value, determining a strategy for your appeal, negotiating with the assessor, and presenting an appeal to the Assessment Appeals Board. Save yourself the time needed to become an expert in the property tax appeal process by using the experts at CRE Tax Appeal to represent you.
  • The filing period for 2017 property tax appeals is open until November 30th, 2017. If you have already filed an appeal, CRE Tax Appeal can be appointed as your property tax consultant at any time during the appeal process.┬áIf you have received a supplemental notice, an escape assessment or a calamity reassessment, please contact us to discuss your situation. Please call us at 858-505-8065, email, or use the contact us form on our website.

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